Do you have to buy hosting for each domain?

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Your domain name and hosting are the two core and essential things that are needed to run your website. There are a number of hosting companies today that are continuously competing to reach out to you and provide you with the best hosting and cheap domain in Pakistan, as per many people’s demand. Some of them may provide you with both domain and hosting services at the same time while others may only stick towards either hosting or domain registration, for example you may buy a domain from one firm and then connect it to your hosting with the help of another firm. So keep in mind that buying a domain name will only give you rights and access over the particular domain name. To run your website, you will have to go to your domain settings and link it to the web hosting provider that you are buying your hosting from.

Do you need multiple hosting for multiple domains?

The main question that now arises is whether you need to get a separate hosting for each domain. Well for most people who believe that you require multiple hosting for multiple domains to run more than one website. What they do not know is that they can actually manage their multiple domains from a single hosting account. What you have to actually do is to sign up with a hosting program that allows you to hold and manage multiple domains at once.

There is no doubt that managing multiple domains and multiple hosting can be exhausting and expensive. This is the reason most people would actually go for multiple domain hosting via a single admin account and today almost all hosting providers give you the option of managing more than one domain with just one hosting plan. Thus instead of having a different admin panel, you can access all your sites through just one administration interface.

However, be warned about the unlimited storage and bandwidth these hosting companies offer with their plans. Registering with a hosting plan that gives you the option of managing more than one domain might actually limit the accommodation to hold all those sites. All these plans, even though stating unlimited bandwidth and storage, still have a limit and may not help you with storing a number of sites for your use and access. Most companies have restrictions applied on these multiple storage and bandwidth offers under their Terms and Service conditions, which limits the space on the server and other resources may also be cut down. So in short, although you do not have to buy a multiple hosting plan for multiple domains as one hosting plan may cover all of your domains, you might as well go with it. Some people registering with multiple domain names may want to host one website or email. They can set up their servers for alias domains.

What is Domain Alias?

Domain Aliasing allows you to direct more than one domain name to your website. In other words, it is also known as a domain pointer or domain stacking. When you register your domain name with a web hosting service, you have the option of buying a second domain and linking the IP address to the first domain name. It basically involves creating extra domain names, for example if your domain is, then you can register another domain with the name Any internet user who searches would be directed to A domain alias will have its own DNS zone with their custom Domain Name System (DNS) records and its separate mail service.  

Domain aliases have all properties like a regular domain hosting account. The main difference is that it does not have a web page of its own.  All email sent to your domain aliased account will be redirected to the email-box of your primary domain name. This means that any email sent to would actually be sent to People make use of alias domains as their search engine strategy. Some companies may charge for aliases while others may not.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, you do not have to buy hosting for every domain however you might want to. Many domains that are purchased are mainly for defensive reasons and are not made live. Moreover, if you are registering multiple domains and want to host a same single website, then you might as well set its servers to have aliased domains. You may even decide to host your own servers. 

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