How to Write a Blog Post in 10 Steps

Looking to share ideas, promote your brand or boost SEO? Surely blogging is the proven way to do it and now with the availability of web hosting in Pakistan, the job has become even more convenient. After getting your customized blog, one thing that most people struggle with is writing a blog post. Not that it is difficult, but most just can’t wrap their heads around how to take a start with it. One thing is for sure that people ask for catchy content even if it is limited to a specific niche, it must not bore them. And here is where the blog post writers struggle with. What to write about? How to not make your content monotonous? Or what to do for people to visit your post in the first place? These are some common questions that would pop in most bloggers’ minds. Not that they have to worry any more as I’m this article we are going to highlight 10 easy steps to create a quality blog post in no time. Let’s get started. 

1. Think out if the box and come up with creative ideas 

Coming up with creative ideas may not be as easy as it sounds. To consider writing meaningful and rich posts, you need to take into account a compelling topic. Obviously going astray from your niche would only serve as an imbalance and not make your blog so successful so make sure you stick to it. You need to keep a track of your targeted audience, what they like, where they live and what kind of posts do they value. Research other blogs that are similar to your blog and go for something that is popular amongst your audience.

2. Create an attention grabbing intro

Know that your intro can make a lot of people either read your posts till the end or leave them after a few sentences. Therefore your intro must be strong as it sets the standard of your post as well as the expectations of your audience. With your intro, they will know immediately if they are going to enjoy the post or not.

3.   Sense your writing style

Note that everyone has a different writing style and way of conveying their message. Some may add humor while others may keep it poetic. Ponder over what you can say differently about a topic. Make sure you use fancy vocabulary and good grammar so people take more interest in checking out your blog posts.

4.   Organizing and formatting

One thing that immediately catches the eyes of people is the way your post is formatted. The structure of your blog post will speak volumes. So ensure that you keep your headings in bold and highlight key phrases. Use appropriate font and bullet points when necessary. See that your content is organized and not haphazardly arranged.

5.   Write an exceptional Nut paragraph

Your nut paragraph is the one where you come to the point and share the key factors or features about the topic. This paragraph must follow right after your intro to keep your audience engaged. If you keep writing irrelevant content the people will lose interest sooner than expected.

6.   Try linking your blog post

Linking your blog post to other service pages will make it reachable to a bigger audience. Try to get at least two internal links if you can. See that the key phrases of your post matches the URL of the post.

7.   Wrap up with a strong conclusion

Alongside your intro, your conclusion has an equally important role. Take time to summarize whatever you talked about in your post and what people learned out of it. Make sure to mention the key point of your post and follow it with some advice.

8.  Have an intriguing heading

Your heading does 50% of the work for you as it is the first thing that creates an impression on your audience. Remember that 8 out of 10 people judge your article based upon the heading. So if your heading is dry, people will not even bother giving your post a second glance.

9.   Add appropriate media and pictures

Adding pictures and other media files to your blog post will always give it a boost. You can find numerous free images on some specific websites that provide you images with no copyright issues for example unsplash, pictography, Im Free and Magdeleine.

10.  Revise, Proof read and then share  

Once you are done with all the steps above, you just need to proof read your post once to omit any possible errors. See that your keywords occur at least once or twice in the body of your post. SEO optimize your post and then share. 

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