Cheapest Reseller Hosting in Pakistan

People want one thing for their business; The Best. And how can we let you down with the only thing you have ever asked for your business. SilkHost will make sure to provide you with blazing fast and extremely reliable web hosting in Pakistan. And no, we do not want any awards for our services, we just strive to make our customers satisfied with our work and to make sure they know they can always rely on us for the best. Our work has pleased thousands of customers over the years and we push ourselves to keep surprising them with more.

If you are looking to buy cheap reseller hosting as you need a separate cPanel to display each one of your website, then we will make this very easy for you. Whether you require reseller hosting for your new business or expanding the one you already have under control, be it a professional website developer or an owner of a small web hosting company, our perfect reseller hosting based on cPanel and supported by MySQL will fulfill all your needs. Therefore you have to reach out to us for the best experience.

What exactly is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting accounts provide you the opportunity of building your own mini web hosting company as you can simply partition the shared web server on a cheaper rate which you can then resell to people on your rates. Reseller hosting is like a web hosting where the person who has the control over the main account has all the authority to their hard disk space as well as the bandwidth. The cPanel Web Host Manager (WHM) allows the owner to exercise complete control over all resources that can be allocated to the customers as per their wish. Know that a Web Host Manager is needed to set up the hosting support, manage the customer’s accounts and make hosting bundle packages.

 This allows that person to provide web hosting service for third parties. The individual with the main account becomes the reseller and he buys hosting services at wholesale prices. A particular portion of hard drive space and data transfer space is given to an affiliate account.

Cheap Reseller Hosting

In Pakistan, there are various organizations that are offering the reseller web hosting to their customers, yet the difficulty that the individuals need to confront is that they are either resellers of separate organizations or they are offering poor quality service and execution performance. There are numerous companies and little associations that are offering this service at the lowest possible rate in regards to reseller web hosting. After knowing that these services are being offered for only a few hundred rupees, you can envision their quality will obviously be worse than poor. In this way, rather than losing your money and wasting energy on these unreliable companies, you ought to simply invest some time on tracking down the genuine reseller company for yourself to get quality services at low prices. And what better option do you have to go for than SilkHost?

SilkHost offers you the option to enjoy quality reseller hosting plans starting at only RS.8000 per year (basic plan) going up to RS.32,999 per year ( Advanced plan). Rest assured you are going to get private DNS, unlimited MySQL, softaculous and a 30 days money back guarantee on all your plans.

With reseller hosting you can gain a number. Firstly, you have a variety of elements compared to a normal hosting plan. To make sure that the reseller has control over their administration, a number of extra hosting elements can be found on a reseller plan. They have the control to make their own store. Another benefit of reseller hosting is that it can be afforded and the prices are not overly high. Moreover, the plan can be used to generate an income of your own by providing hosting services to others. Not only this, but the reseller can also earn wages by administering or overseeing the information that the primary organization does not have time for. Lastly, the 100% control even gives you right over plate space use, transmission capacity limitations as well as a range of other features on your own particular site.


To conclude, reseller hosting plans are available at different cheap rates, but you must not go for the most lowest one to compromise your quality. The main thing you can take advantage of with reseller hosting is to become the owner of your own mini hosting organization, create your own as well as customized hosting plans and then sell it to your clients to earn profit.

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