Can you get Domain and Hosting for free in Pakistan?

Pakistan has experienced a surge of e-commerce business in the last few years. This pattern has been observed greatly since the 2019 pandemic where people quickly shifted to online purchasing rather than going to the market to buy products. This has taken a huge toll on people and made them form a habit of just ordering things online instead of going physically to the market. Of course businesses have taken full advantage of this and have developed successful websites to increase their sales. As far as the question of getting free domain and web hosting in Pakistan goes, yes there are a few websites that are offering free web hosting in Pakistan to the customers so they can acquire countless possibilities to unfold their creativity.

A few companies out there are ready to help you if you have no budget. Yes you can now simply build your website from a scratch with absolutely no payment.  Not only that, but along with free web hosting, you can also find yourself lucky to get a free domain or domain transfer, maximum level uptime (99.9%), MySQL and PHP support. It does not matter how big your website is, you can even avail the benefit of massive disk space to back it up. Your credentials will be saved on the data cloud and protection will be offered against possible privacy or security threats. In short one thing is proven that you can enjoy a number of perks for free. Some companies may offer these types of plans for a limited time period at a particular point in the year. So to say that you may always have this option available, will be wrong as it mostly depends on when you get lucky.  However there is one thing that most customers oversee. Many companies just flash the heading “free web hosting” on their websites to their customers to get them to visit it initially, but do not provide them legit free hosting. Instead they actually charge some amount (not too high) for registering for the plan and may however offer a free domain, free website builder and other number of perks just to give it a name of “free web hosting”. This is because obviously no company would want to make a complete loss if they start selling their services for absolutely free of charge.

Keep your eyes open as there might be some platforms that even though they may claim to offer you free services, may still charge some amount for the add-ons. Some companies may only give you a free trial period to test out whether their services are worth it or not, while others may just bribe you into availing their free web hosting service and then extract money out of you by applying limitations to access some features and then telling you to shift to their premium plans for proper functioning. In the end, the free service may not last forever as after a year or so, you will somehow be asked to pay for it.

One thing is for sure that everything comes with some cost. These web hosting companies are actually businesses. A business would not purposely want to make its loss by giving out their product or service free of charge. However there is some amount that is kept for marketing purposes. The hosting companies may use this amount to cover up for the time period that they are selling their services for free. But once that time period is covered, they can apply double charges to make up for the amount they let go on their free services. One example can be seen in the hosting plans where they offer you a free domain for one year. That free domain for one year may actually look like a blessing to you initially. But once the year is complete, you would have to renew and then pay for the second year to continue using it. Here you may be charged a little more than normal to make up for the free time period.

To wrap it up, we conclude with the fact that yes you may have the option of availing free domain and other number of features for free for quite some time, but when it comes to hosting you will be required to pay some amount for it one way or the other. Although it may look like a convenient option to go for, you might as well just invest some money in web hosting to get quality results for your website.

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