Free Hosting for WordPress in Pakistan

Looking for the right web host provider could be a hassle you may have to go through when starting your website or blog on WordPress. You come across a number of WordPress hosting in Pakistan, but most of them would not be free of charge. If you are looking for an absolutely free WordPress hosting solution, then you do not have to worry as there are a few web hosts out there who are ready to comply with your needs.

A free WordPress hosting service may allow you to set up your website instantly without any hassle. But know that although these services are free, you may still not be able to enjoy the advanced features or the quality of the paid WordPress services. To have the best experience, it is necessary for you to first identify your hosting needs, get details on hosts who have been offering WordPress hosting for some time now, make your mind whether you would want to grow your website in the near future and would actually consider upgrading to the premium or paid version. After reading this article, you will find out some free WordPress hosting services in Pakistan and would have a clear idea of what WordPress service is better for you. Let’s start then.

1. simply allows you to launch your website for free after registering your account on WordPress. However know that there will be limitations on the software as you will only be allowed to access limited features. However there are still a few features that stand out; user friendly setup, custom WordPress dashboard, 3B storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free WordPress themes to choose from to  make a custom website design and free SSL certification. These are a few benefits you can enjoy along with the fact that WordPress’ high-powered infrastructure will make your website load in no time. But remember that you cannot have your own plugins installed or even any additional themes. Moreover, you do not have the option of controlling your own database. In the end, WordPress is a good option if you do not require full WordPress experience.

2.  AccuWeb hosting

AccuWeb is originally a US based web hosting service operating since 2003 and provides both free and premium hosting plans. You are going to be surprised to know that AccuWeb is actually very generous when it comes to free WordPress plans because of its bandwidth, storage and email accounts. The features that stand out the most includes access to cPanel, latest PHP versions, no ads, 2GB SSD storage, 30 GB bandwidth, 1 click WordPress installer, full server and database access and lastly supporting custom domains.  Another advantage of using AccuWeb iis that it supports up to 5000 visitors every month, you have access to 25 free email accounts which is something you do not find on other hosts.

Although the limitation that you would have to face involves permission of hosting only one website per account and you would have to submit your government issued ID at the time of registration and you get no free subdomain.

AccuWeb is a good option for whoever wants to host a single website on WordPress and wants high traffic at the same time. Even with the limitations it has, you have the complete option of creating a full-fledged WordPress website or blog as per your demand. Plus you also get cPanel and PHP 7+.

3. 000webhost

000webhost is a platform where you can enjoy free WordPress hosting via Hostinger. Although the platform’s main job is to market Hostinger’s premium packages, you still get an option of enjoying solid WordPress hosting, as long as you do not generate too much traffic. Some key features of 000webhost include a custom hosting dashboard for your site, 1 click WordPress installer, FTP and full database, 1GB storage space, 3 GB bandwidth, no ads along with a free website builder. Moreover it allows you to host two websites for free. 000webhost is a perfect option for those who look for a full-service hosting experience. The only limitations you are going to find are its limited storage space and bandwidth. Secondly if you exceed its traffic limitations, then there are chances of your site being cut off.

There are a few other web hosts that offer free WordPress hosting like x10 Hosting, Award Space, Byet.Host and Free Hostia. Although you might find free hosting up to your standards, you will still come across some limitations that you possibly may not have to deal with paid WordPress hosting. Therefore make your decision carefully and then dive in to start your website.

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