Domain and Hosting Price in Pakistan

domain price in pakistan

With the growth in ecommerce business, many businesses have flourished and have been successful in making their name known to the world. This obviously would have not been possible without the number of web hosting services available today. Now the competition has grown tougher than before as the hosting companies have started launching web hosting in Pakistan at much more competitive prices. Most companies even give their customers the advantage of utilizing the domain name for free in the first year. This is offered in their hosting bundles which also includes a number of other perks at reasonable prices. The main question that arises is that what exactly is the price of hosting and domain in Pakistan? Let’s see that in detail below:

· Price of domain in Pakistan

Registering your domain with a reliable and a trusted website can give you an edge in the long run. Therefore it is highly recommended for one to do complete research of the firm or company they are registering themselves from. The best way to go about it is to always check the customer reviews on the site’s page or get reviews from articles or other resources. There is no doubt that you are going to come across many that are going to promise you a lot of benefits in minimal prices, but you can never be sure of them unless you have done enough research. Their services may not be of the quality you are seeking and may just end up disappointing yourself.

The cost of a domain initially depends on the type of domain you are registering with. There are a number of domain names you might have come across like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .edu, .info etc. one is likely to make a decision depending on the type of business they are going with. The prices of these domains may vary depending on the type of Top Level Domain (TLD) you chose. The prices for these domains in Pakistan at most credible domain registrars, for example SilkHost, start at $7 per year and may go up to more than $10. If you get lucky, then you might even find domains at an even cheaper price if they are on sale at some point in the year. For renewal of your domain in the second year, you would have to pay an amount again at the beginning of the year. This amount may again vary from company to company; some may charge more than others but some may not. However the renewal price of most domains for the second year is comparatively seen as higher as compared to the first. This is something that most people fail to acknowledge before they register their domain, only to find out later that the prices for the renewal of these domains are not economical for them when it is time.

Domains like .pk or,, are registered for two years in one go at least and their prices start at RS.2000 or $13 and their renewal can go up to $20 or more. This may vary domain to domain. But again you might as well enjoy the perk of getting a free domain for one year by registering with the firm’s multiple hosting packages and get additional features with it.

·Price of hosting in Pakistan

Companies provide you with different hosting bundles depending on your business website. So you can say that you have a wide variety of hosting deals depending on whether you go with reseller hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting or even WordPress hosting; their prices may vary accordingly. Most initial or basic hosting plans start at RS.2500 and above per year, the standard plans may start at RS3500 and above per year and the advanced hosting plans may start at RS4500 and above.  The business plans may be the most costly of all, starting at RS.6000 and above per year for most credible websites. The features in these packages may vary according to the cost. These, however, are the prices for a shared hosting server. For VPS and dedicated hosting servers, know that that the prices are much higher, most of them starting at $35 to $40 and may even go up to $100. These prices may again vary highly depending on the number of advanced features the bundle or package of the firm may provide you with. Now it solely depends on your budget and requirement of the business website as to which hosting or domain you should go for.

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