Things you can do with a VPS

Today there are a number of options available for you when it comes to buying web hosting in Pakistan. These include dedicated hosting, shared hosting and VPS hosting. The important news is that with a VPS (Virtual Private Server) you can do a lot of things or more like it can do a lot of things for you. So as long as no laws are being broken or violated as mentioned in the terms of services of your VPS hosting service provider, you can make VPS a very handy tool; host a website, an online game server or even create an external backup server. Let us look at what are the all advantages you can take from your VPS.

1. VPS hosting

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind with regards to VPS is web hosting. Well now it is not much of a surprise that VPS has become kind of essential for hosting. Choosing a VPS hosting will not only double your user’s experience, but you are going to see that VPS is unbeatable when it comes to SSD storage, RAM and server CPU.

Another use of VPS is hosting a server. VPS server acts as any normal server would. While running a web server on VPS, the meta-package can help you automate the software installation. Therefore using a VPS for hosting servers means actually making the most out of it.

2. Running a game server

Multiple player online games have risen in popularity with the increased use of the internet over time. For some it has become a hobby, and for others it has even become a source of their earning. Even more so, during the pandemic online gaming has increased by 64% which has made it more profitable. Another thing you can do with a VPS is setting up an online game server for some popular online games. These include League of Legends, Minecarft, Counter Strike, World of Warcraft and many more. A lot of these are actually hosted on dedicated servers but VPS servers are a lot cheaper than dedicated servers. So why not enjoy this perk.

3. Self-hosting allows you to save money

VPS allows you to save money if you choose to self-host your web projects since you would not have to pay the monthly fee for using Software-as-a-Service solutions.  With your own server on a VPS, you have all control of running your own software. However, this will require you to be well equipped with skills for the technical part. You are going to find various software options for your business for example PayPal, Dropbox and Slack. But the alternatives to these softwares may help you cut the cost greatly and they may even perform better than the paid software-as-a-service option.

4. Setting up a Mail server with VPS

With a VPS you can also set up an email server which can help you avoid extra cost as you will be able to host your company’s own mail server. Even the very basic VPS plans will offer you easy self-hosted email servers. This way, you even have the option of hosting all your employees’ email addresses and their emails. Again, you would need some skills to deal with it.

5. Set up a VPN

A VPN helps to keep your online payments and transactions confidential and keeps your client’s data safe from hackers. However you cannot trust VPN servers solely as many paid and free VPN servers could not be secure after all, especially the public Wifi network at airports or coffee shops. But with a VPS, you can keep your data safe by using it as a VPN. This will make your browsing safer and secure, and you can easily make online payments without having to worry about risking your data.

6. Performs as a Backup Server

Backup is definitely important for anyone who works online. One cannot go on working knowing that their data can be lost therefore taking precautions is a must. The option of backing up your files on a USB drive is always present.  But a more easy option is to use your VPS as an online backup. Not only is this less space consuming but also more convenient. This will allow you to access your files anywhere at any time with the help of the internet. If you turn your VPS into a backup server and if anything goes wrong with it, you can simply re-upload your backup and restore your website to make it look like what it was at the time of your backup. 

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