What is a Domain Name? [2021]

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Thinking about building your website and wondered about what the domain name is? Many beginners get confused between domain and other essential parts of the website like hosting, URL, etc. Let’s get you straight into the content to enable a toy to understand it and take massive advantage. 

This is the most comprehensive guide to know about domain name that exists online. 

What is the Domain Name?

Basically, a domain name is an address of any site. It’s what an audience type/search and reach to yours. It enables the visitor to find you or your website, as the visitor becomes your potential audience later. 

The most common example given about domain names is that when anyone has to visit your home, he/she asks about your home address. Similarly, the pk domain works as your site address.

A domain name is like an address as it is easy to remember the words like youtube.com, google.com or yahoo.com, etc. 

How does Domain name work?

A domain name has IP addresses behind the same as our PC has. But the Domain name is in words (names) as it is easy to remember the word phrase like youtube.com, google.com or yahoo.com, etc. 

When we enter the domain name in the search bar, our system sends a request, namely a lookup request, to the global network of servers, also called DNS (Domain Name System. It’s a database having millions of registered domains associated with sites/ IP addresses. 

As it gets the alert, it searches the name server, which looks at the IP address and forwards your PC. It may look complicated, but over time, it has been done more smartly. 

Type of Domains

There are different types of common domain names. Let’s have a look at the top and most usable ones. 

TLD (Top Level Domains) including .org, .net .edu or .io

gTLD (Generic Top Level Domains) inclusing .com, .org, .co and .com 

ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domains) including .uk, .jp etc

Other Common types of domain names

SLD / 2LD (Second Level Domain) 

This domain name comes after the TLD (Top Level Domain). 


Subdomains allow you to do some separation in different parts of your website as search engines like Google treat them differently. So, it helps in ranking the site. 

Free domains

As a beginner, you can create a test website using WordPress.com or Wix.com as a free domain name provider. 

Important things to consider for buying a Domain Name for SEO

Firstly, keep in mind that you don’t own a domain name forever; it’s just like you take it on rent. Therefore. Experts suggest buying the one which is really profitable for you. 

As you are investing in your site domain, so consider the following important points before buying it.

Instead of the keyword-rich domain, prefer the brandable domain name. Brainstorm the ideas and choose the ones who associate with a positive feeling. E.g., lego.com is a big example, although it is linked to interlocking plastic blocks.

Ensure that your domain name is easy to pronounceable. To test “pronounceability, share your idea with a group of people to test it. 

Keep a name that has chances of being predicted. It means to choose a word that shouldn’t be weird.

The shorter the domain name, the quicker and easier it to type it. Usually, 2 syllable words are pronounced fully. Besides, that 3-4 syllable words are abbreviated. 

Try to avoid numbers and hyphens in the domain name. Hyphens seem sketchy and affect the ability. 

How and Where to Buy the Domain Name?

After choosing the domain name, it’s time to register it. Here, we will help you with a few tips to get the perfect domain for your website/brand. 

Register The Domain Name 

First of all, it is preferable to register your domain name by yourself. `Then visit the reliable registrars like SilkHost and NameCheap. You can also do a little research and find the other best companies online. 

From these two recommended domain registrars, millions of people across the world are taking huge advantage. They have a simple process of registering with them.

Select the Auto Renew Option 

Upon registering the domain, it gives you an option to register it for a certain period, such as 12, 34, or 36 months. After completion of time, the domain lapses and is turned back into the availability pool. 

In this way, Most domain registrars have the option of auto-renew. As the duration is near to completion, it automatically charges from your account to review. 

How much Domain Name Costs You?

Domain name cost varies from company to company. If we generally talk, you have to pay between $15 to $50 depending upon domain specialty. 

Final Thoughts

By reading this article, you may have gotten a much clearer picture of the domain name. We used very simple and clear words to make you able to know about what exactly the domain is and how you can take advantage of it by knowing about its major aspects. 

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