How to Use WordPress Tutorial [2021]

Are you looking to start your website on WordPress? It doesn’t seem easy to start a website when you are a non-tech person. Well, you do not need to think any more about this as you have the support of WordPress now. Millions of people worldwide are taking massive advantage of the internet by creating their sites on this incredibly worthy platform. 

Here we are going to guide you about how you can use a WordPress tutorial practically. We have divided the guidelines into different steps. You just need to follow along with instructions by putting all your focus on for an hour. So, you will get a professional looking ready website.

Where to start from? 

To set up the website on WordPress, you may make a mistake in choosing the right platform as a beginner. 

WordPress itself offers two main platforms one is namely, and the other is The second one is self-hosted, and you can go with that simply. However, for the first one, you need to follow us till last. Although WordPress is free to use but to publish your site and get well-optimized online, you need to bear the cost of hosting and domain. Well, we give you a brief introduction about hosting and domain before moving next. 

Website Hosting

It means space/place from where your site will go online—all your content, multimedia, and everything stores there. In simple words, it is explained as you need the plot to build your house. So, it works in such a way. 

Domain Name

The pk domain is simply the address of your website. For example, we have a house address similar to our sites, e.g.,,, etc. Most of your potential audience will reach you by following your site domain name.

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of both hosting and domain. Let’s move forward to buying the host and domain. 

Ø  Get the Website Hosting and Domain

Usually, the hosting costs you about $50 to $100 and sometimes more than this. Similarly, a domain name costs around $5 to $50 per year. 

Multiple top websites provide genuine domains and web hosting services. One is the Bluehost; it’s the most known and reliable site. They are committed to WordPress for a long time. Besides this one, Godaddy and are also trustworthy sites facilitating millions of users across the world. Some sites also offer free installation services as well. 

Let’s go ahead and purchase domain names and hosting for your website. 

Ø  Setup the Site into Finished/ Install the WordPress

Once you choose both hosting and domain, continue to the next step. You will get the WordPress username and password. Keep this information confidential and safe as well. 

Now, install WordPress and click on the WP admin button. Now, go ahead, and you will reach the WordPress dashboard. You may need to verify your email as you will have received mail from the domain site. 

Once it gets verified, you need to come back on the dashboard. Refresh the page and click on the change domain button. Here, you have to add the purchased domain name and make its primary domain. As it gets updated, your site’s main part has finished. 

Now, every time you need to come on your site, enter your domain name and /wp-admin and after it, insert the .com or .org, whatever your domain has. Your website has been set up, and now we will work on its appearance. 

Ø  Chose and Installed a WordPress Theme

The visual appearance of the site gives a professional look. Here you can go with WordPress’s own designed themes. You can either install a basic theme or go to the Appearance » Themes page and click on add new. 

In this theme directory, you can insert your niche name in the search bar and find multiple themes. Click on the installation button of the chosen theme and customize it by clicking on the Appearance menu. Further, you can customize the theme and activate it. 

Ø  Add Content/Pages

WordPress has two default contents like posts and pages. Post is the blog content of the site, listed in an order such as the newest/latest post on top. 

However, pages are static content such as the Home page, About us, Contact us, etc.

In the editing section, you can click on Pages » Add New while in the posts section, add new posts and categorize them.

Ø  Install and Activate Plugins

The plugin contains a group of functions as they extend the functionality and add new features, such as SEO tagging, contact form, rotating slideshow. You can easily find your desired plugin by clicking the add new button. 

Ø  Customize the Website

Here, you need to major customizations, such as;

Setup Static Front Page: Go to Settings » Reading page »  Frontpage displays

To Change Title and Tagline of the Website: Go to Settings » General page.

To Set up Comment: Visit Settings » Discussions page

Create Navigation Menus: Visit Appearance » Menus page


Above, we have discussed the main steps to run a WordPress site. Hopefully, it will prove a kick start to set up your site. Besides that, you can also go with advanced features like setup podcasts, eCommerce stores, coupon sites, etc. 

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