What kind of hosting do I need for my website?

You’re likely to have any questions if you’re thinking about starting a new website.

To find the answers to these and other questions, you must first understand the various types of web hosting services available so that you can choose the best hosting solution for your website.

Choosing the wrong web hosting services can lead to problems with your website and downtime.

Understand the different types of web hosting

There are various types of hosting. But we will talk about the most common 4 types of cheap web hosting in Pakistan.

1.      Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting does not occur on a single physical server; rather, it occurs through a network of linked servers that combine to form “the cloud.” That is, a website hosted in the cloud is never reliant on a single server.

Cloud hosting allows the use of more power and storage space by connecting several of them. And if anything goes wrong with one server—for example, required maintenance or a website’s sudden popularity throttling the bandwidth—the rest of the network can take up the slack, ensuring that the website stays unaffected.

The key things to note about cloud hosting in practice for website owners are that it normally costs more than shared hosting (but not by much), it makes it easier for your website to scale as required, and it tends to lead to faster load times, even when your website receives a high volume of visitors.

2.      Shared Hosting

The most fundamental form of web hosting is shared hosting. It is the most cost-effective choice for small or entry-level websites.

As the name suggests, websites using shared hosting can share resources with other websites on a single server. That is how shared hosting will stay so low-cost. The web host saves money by dividing capital. As a result, each website on the server will have a set number of resources based on its hosting plan.

Consider it like sharing an apartment with roommates. You have your bedroom, but you will share resources such as water, power, and common areas in the house with your roommates.

There are some disadvantages of sharing a server with other websites. If another website on your server experiences a traffic spike, it can trigger performance problems with your site. You have no power over these conditions. So, while shared hosting is a great way to save money, it will not provide the highest-quality web hosting experience for you or your website guests.

3.      VPS Hosting

After a shared hosting package, virtual private hosting is a successful “upgrade.” You will also share physical server space with other website owners in this situation. However, your website is hosted on a separate piece of virtual “real estate.”

You can run any form of software and use any programming language you like with a VPS (not just PHP for WordPress). You also get higher storage and bandwidth limits. That is, you can handle more website traffic.

However, the elasticity of VPS hosts remains small. To tackle a traffic spike, some VPS hosts will temporarily increase your disc space or bandwidth. However, most would not do so regularly because such redistribution will also affect other websites hosted on the same domain.

4.      Dedicated Hosting

This form of web hosting gives you access to a dedicated server that is solely yours. It is the most expensive and top-of-the-line server in the web hosting line, with additional benefits. Websites on a dedicated server have complete control over the setup, applications, and other requirements of the settings panel.

Shared hosting is an excellent option for newcomers and smaller websites. It is inexpensive and does not necessitate a great deal of technical expertise to get started.

Bottom Line

All you need by the end is the right provider of web hosting in Pakistan. Various providers claim to be top-notch and affordable. Still, you must check out details and compare each service by checking your feasibility for a business. Ultimately, the choice you make is going to affect your business directly. So, make your web hosting worth the time and money.

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